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Dr. Day Lee Snell is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Houston community.

Often called "The Best Chiropractor in Houston", Dr. Snell uses the "whole person approach" to wellness to free her clients from pain and discomfort. She searches for the underlying causes of any disruption or disturbance to make whatever interventions and lifestyle changes that would optimize the conditions for normal function and comfortable living.

Dr. Snell is able to help you to maintain and accelerate your path to good health. What sets her apart from many other chiropractors is her ability to view the body from a holistic standpoint - she will examine your health history; assess your lifestyle habits, evaluate your fitness level, and look for systemic deficiencies that may be contributing to the problem. Once an accurate profile of your health status is obtained, she'll utilize all available resources to resolve the issues.

As her patient, you will benefit from her years of experience and sincere compassion to help as many people as possible look and feel their absolute best.

Houston Chiropractor Dr. Day Lee Snell - call her today at 713-520-9330 for a free initial consultation and see the difference for yourself!

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Day Lee Snell, DC

Phone: (713) 520-9330

3411 Richmond Ave Suite 100A, 
Houston, TX 77046

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