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When you live with a debilitating spinal condition, every moment matters

That's because every moment represents a struggle between slight discomfort and outright misery. When this fine line is present in your life, you need to be extra proactive about caring for your spine in the minutest of ways. From maintaining a regular routine of exercise to holding tight to a regular sleep schedule, the most basic of things can make the biggest difference. At Greenway Plaza Chiropractic, it is our job to provide the therapy you need to feel great despite your condition. But flare ups will still happen; and in these moments, it is important to know how to manage. 

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Why drink water?

We're so glad you asked. Water is life- it is health and it is wellness; it even affects happiness. It affects everything from cognitive function to the digestive system; from a chiropractor's perspective, it has important applications in spinal health and circulation. Hydration is a key to keeping the intervertebral discs hydrated, the spinal joints lubricated and everything moving properly. If you are ready to get serious about staying hydrated, check out our simple schedule for fluid consumption:

Start with a baseline of 8 glasses per day

Establish a regular schedule:

  • 1 glass when you wake up
  • 1 before and 1 after each meal
  • 1 before you go to bed or in the evening time

If you can't get on with the flavorless taste of water, consider fruit-additives or flavor-enhanced water drinks that have minimal sugar added. And remember that coffee, soda and sports drinks do count toward your daily ration but they shouldn't make up 100% of your fluid intake; try to aim for a 1:1 ratio non-water:water at the very least. 

This is the simplest thing you can do for your spinal health

At Greenway Plaza Chiropractic, we are chalk full of ideas for taking advantage of simple methods for improving spinal health. Hydration is just the tip of the iceberg- give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment and start improving your spinal health today. 

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Stop lifting with your back!

It is a bad, lazy habit that has the potential to cause herniated discs, lower back pain and a whole host of other spine-related injuries. The problem is that bending forward (flexion) increases the amount of compression on your spine; when you add weight-bearing to this scenario, the risks are multiplied and a previously-vulnerable disc can more easily rupture. But avoiding injury is easy- it just takes an extra few seconds to perform a proper lift.

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Running: the good, bad and ugly for spinal health 

Running is a wonderful boost for aerobic fitness, circulation, muscle tone and endurance. For those who run, it is an integral part of feeling well and the mental uplift that can be gained from a simple circuit is an indelible part of life. But running also poses clear dangers to the spine: the repetitive jarring action involved in each footfall increases compression to the discs and joints of the spine, causing significant wear and tear compared to those who don't run. Your back muscles also receive a significant amount of strain as they vie to keep your spine upright despite the fatigue that is setting in. So how do we keep running despite the clear and present risk factors?

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