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Take a moment to apologize to your neck

You may not mean to impose so much tension upon this sensitive structure but, nonetheless, you still find yourself leaving work each day with a sore, stiff neck. It used to be that too much reading posed a significant threat to the cervical spine; now it is too much screen time. So many of our lives are lived in front of computer and smartphone screens and few of us credit the toll that they take on our cervical vertebrae. The natural instinct when using a screen, much like reading a book, is to crane your neck forward. This magnifies the already palpable weight of the head and increases the amount of downward pressure that is compressing your cervical vertebrae. What's more, because we are barely moving, certain muscles are tightening and others are weakening from lack of use. What we then have is a complex network of muscles that are pulling your spine out of alignment, causing impingement on nearby spinal nerves. 

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A stretch that puts a smile on your face...

...and make this chiropractor very happy as well. At Greenway Plaza Chiropractic, we use yoga as part of an integrated back care routine- we love movements that combine stretching and strengthening in the same simple pose. Downward-facing dog is one of the most famous yoga poses, and for good reason. It is a gentle and scalable movement- meaning that the more you do it, the more comfortable and effective you become while doing the stretch, and the more your body benefits.

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Why does my body feel so tight all the time?

The problem is our lifestyles: in the morning we wake up from a sub-par sleep, get on with our commute, sit all day at work, commute back home, sit and relax. Without any exercise or stretching, your body has no defense against the tension that is constantly accumulating. Excessive sitting puts additional pressure on the spine, damages your organs and contributes to muscular degeneration. You can think of sitting as a proper challenge for your body, akin to a very peculiar sport; the smart person will take the time to prepare their body for a lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting.

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Spinal degeneration is happening every day...

...which means that every day represents a choice: we are either proactive in fighting back against the degeneration or we do nothing about it. If we choose the latter, many of us will end up with narrowing discs and abnormal spinal curvature; we will end up losing height and feeling more pain. Here is a standard recipe for back pain due to spinal degeneration:

  • The downward force of gravity
  • Spinal motion segments that naturally weaken over time 
  • Poor lifestyle habits such as consistently bad posture increase the compressive effect 
  • Lack of core stability support- weak muscles unable to share the burden of your body weight effectively

There are so many elements which increase the compressive factor on our spines, which means that many of us can benefit from daily decompression. 

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Work-related musculoskeletal injuries are on the rise

The repetitive trauma involved in office work is rampant. From typing on different devices, to sitting in the same position for hours on end, give your body the credit it deserves- this is no mean feat. The most common overuse injuries in a workplace setting include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Spinal degeneration and back pain 
  • Eye-strain

Typing involves thousands of mini-vibrations that shock the little joints in your fingers and wrists. If not properly supported, these joints receive an undue amount of stress that will accumulate until it reaches a breaking point. Sitting all day involves sustaining an unnatural and awkward position for long periods of time and we often cave into the temporary comfort of slouching and slumping. 

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